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Miss Danvers
Miss Danvers
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Welcome to Bullworth
Christmas is Here
Go See The Principal
Voice Actor Lori Funk
"Do not forget: we are watching you at all times, you little monsters..."
— Miss Danvers, through the PA system

Miss Danvers is Dr. Crabblesnitch's personal secretary. She was voiced by Lori Funk.

Character description[]

Miss Danvers in office

Beta version of Miss Danvers in her office.

Miss Danvers, whose first name is unknown, is a middle aged woman. However, like Dr. Crabblesnitch, her fashion sense is many years out of date. Her appearance is styled much like typical secretaries in the 1950s. She wears a black woman's suit over a pale gray blouse, a matching conservative mini-skirt, and dark heeled shoes. She has pearl earrings in both ears, and a thin gold necklace around her neck.

In an early screenshot she had a different facial appearance. She appeared to be younger in general, her hair was brighter in tone, she wore makeup and had fuller lips.

Character inspiration[]

Miss Danvers may have been partially inspired by the character "Mrs. Danvers" from Rebecca, a novel by Daphne du Maurier. Mrs. Danvers was a domineering housekeeper for an estate, and devoted to the late first wife of the narrator's husband, much the same way as Bully's Miss Danvers is devoted to Dr. Crabblesnitch. However, the novelized Mrs. Danvers was far more villainous than Miss Danvers is.


Miss Danvers is fully devoted to Dr. Crabblesnitch, and by extension her job. She generally dislikes the students at Bullworth Academy. She particularly dislikes Jimmy Hopkins and Johnny Vincent. Her favorite of all the students is Sheldon, but she also gives a special treatment to Derby. She always makes announcements over the school intercom and it particularly bothers her when students pull the fire alarm.

Her devotion to Dr. Crabblesnitch seems to be nothing short of fanatical. Whether she looks at him as a love interest, a role model, or something else isn't entirely clear. Gossip from around the school and town implies that they are in some sort of secret relationship.

It is hinted in her own dialogue that she wasn't always so prim, proper and devoted to good behavior as she is now. In the Bully Facebook, Jimmy has drawn over her picture to make her appear to be a succubus.

Role in game[]

Miss Danvers features heavily in the early part of the game. She meets Jimmy at the gates to Bullworth during Welcome to Bullworth, and can be seen a bit later in that mission interacting with Dr. Crabblesnitch. After this, she ceases to play a major role in the story, although she can be found in her office throughout the game during free roam.

Periodically, she makes announcements over the intercom. The intercom can be heard in the Boys' Dorm, the Main Building, The Library and The Gym. She will almost always make an announcement after Jimmy pulls the fire alarm.

On Christmas day, she calls Jimmy to the office to get his Christmas present.

In Chapter 5, she calls Jimmy to Crabblesnitch's office, where Jimmy learns that he is facing expulsion. Strangely, this announcement can be heard anywhere on school grounds, while the intercom is otherwise only audible inside the aforementioned school buildings.


  • The game data files provide her name as "Miss Winston". Possibly, she was renamed to Miss Danvers well into development when the developers became aware of the du Maurier novel and changed it as a reference or tribute.
  • According to unused dialogue files, probably in the early version of the game, Miss Danvers gave Jimmy a tour, telling him what and where all the buildings are, and where his classrooms are. That is maybe the reason why Miss Danvers walked with Jimmy to the office right before the first cutscene of Welcome to Bullworth ended.