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Miss Kopke
Miss Kopke
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Making a Mark
Voice Actor Kerry Shaw
"Wrong time of the month, idiot!"
— Miss Kopke

Miss Kopke is a character in Bully, and is one of the townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale.

Character description[]

Miss Kopke has brown hair in a bob cut. She wears a pink blouse and dark brown skirt with black pantyhose and black high-heeled shoes. During the winter, she wears a red sweater.


Miss Kopke suffers from cramps and severe headaches and has trouble getting pregnant, unlike her sister. She is also disgusted by her nose, often complaining about its great size. Also, it is possible that she is on her period, as one of her fighting lines is "Wrong time of the month, idiot!"

She was disgusted when Zack Owens asked her out to a comic book convention, yet she admits to having a crush on Tobias Mason. Moreover, she loves going on trips to London.

When speaking to younger people (namely Jimmy), she refers to herself in third-person.

When she is hit, she may make a direct reference to the controversy regarding violence caused by video games, as she may say: "No more violent video games for you!".

She is allegedly married to Mr. Buckingham, but is cheating on him with Mr. Martin. However, at times, she can be heard complaining about not being in any romantic relationships at all. Although she's cheating on Mr. Buckingham, her previous partner cheated on her. One of her fighting lines is "I'll pretend you're my cheating ex!".

She also seems to seek revenge on her next boyfriend, planning to dump him for no reason after a certain period of time. She seems to have had relationships with British musicians, who she describes as having been hygienically challenged.

She quotes Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back, Kotter when taunting, saying "Up your nose with a rubber hose!".

Role in game[]

Miss Kopke can be seen in the crowd in front of the Town Hall after Jimmy spray-paints it in the mission Making a Mark, along with Krakauer, Mr. Smith, Ms. Isaacs, and Bethany Jones.

Jimmy is forced to take a picture of Miss Kopke and Mr. Martin kissing outside the In-and-Out Motel as part of an errand given to him by Mr. Buckingham.