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This article features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. This feature is not available on the original version of the game.
Miss Peters
Miss Peters
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Nutcrackin'
Voice Actor Saidah Ekulona
"Whoo...... gotta...... lay off the chocolate donuts..... oh....... WHOO. "
— Miss Peters, when out of breath

Miss Peters is the Music teacher at Bullworth Academy She appears in Bully: Scholarship Editionas well as Bully: Anniversary Edition. She was voiced by Saidah Ekulona.

Character Description[]

Miss Peters has darkly tanned skin and braided hair, making her appear to be of mixed race. She ties her hair up into a stylish updo, and wears a tie-dye shirt with a Mandelbrot fractal in the center with a dark skirt and nylons. She is somewhat overweight and quite voluptuous. Befitting her status as a music teacher, Miss Peters has a booming voice. She is slightly taller than Jimmy, which means she is shorter than the bigger students, but due to being attached to a standard female adult skeleton, she has no issues busting people taller than her. She has a noticeably flexible torso and a noticeable leg twitch glitch as seen in the cutscenes of Nutcrackin' (however it appears that the glitch is absent from the Wii version of the game).


Miss Peters has a laid-back, free spirited personality, very much like a hippie. In fact, Jimmy refers to her as a hippie at one point and she doesn't take it as an insult. She also mentions free love in a monologue. She is not above blackmail and threats, however. When she is confronted with a recalcitrant Jimmy, she falls into the stereotypical "sassy black woman" attitude and threatens to fail him if he refuses to comply with her demands.

Role in game[]

Miss Peters has a role in the mission Nutcrackin', where she blackmails Jimmy into playing percussion and wearing a costume in a Christmas pageant by threatening to fail him in her class, but first trying to make him believe he will be "the boy who saved Christmas".

She never appears in free roam without the use of mods.

If modded into free roam, she has a small chance to appear in the Girls' Dorm if Jimmy causes enough trouble while there.


  • If added to free roam via a hex editor, her arms clip through her sides when she walks. This is because, although she was designed to be overweight, she's still attached to a standard female adult skeleton, and holds her arms at where her sides would be if she were thin.
  • Similarly to Edna, despite being a female faculty member, she uses the same grab and ground technique that the prefects, police officers and male faculty members use to bust students, but can still be pinched on the rear like a female.
  • Like Karl Branting, she has a chasing line where she directly speaks to Jimmy and can say it regardless of whoever she is chasing.