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Cut This article features content that was cut from the final version of the video game Bully.

Mission 2-S05 refers to a mission that was dummied out of the final version of the game.

Although 2-S05 refers to the mission Cook's Date, lines found in the data files indicate that the mission was once completely different.

It starts with Mr. Wiggins and Dr. Slawter yelling at Jimmy to get out of somewhere, then complaining about a mess.

From there, the lines of whoever Jimmy was conversing with are deleted entirely. Judging just by Jimmy's remaining dialogue he needs candy and is angry because the Nerd Store isn't open. A feature of the game that was dummied out is that the cliques used to have their own stores. Melvin then says "Lay off the sweet doubloons", which is possibly a reference to Jimmy buying something from him. Finally, Mr. Martin threatens to sic his dogs on some kids, then actually does so. There is no context available for why he does this or what was happening around him. The final unused line, 2_S05_022, is Jimmy quipping "These can't be good for you." Line 2_S05_023 is the first line of dialogue that actually appears in Cook's Date.

The item Jimmy is referring to is quite likely the joke candy that was dummied out of the final version of the game.