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Monkey Fling is an arcade game. There are two platforms; one inside the Blue Balls Pool Hall, and one inside the prizes tent at The Carnival.

Beating the high score of Monkey Fling is required for 100% Completion. The high score is 333, meaning Jimmy must score 334 or better.


The gameplay is quite literally flinging poo. The player has three lives with which to collect the high score.

The playing field is set against a backdrop of South American jungle ruins. You control an unnamed monkey protagonist. The monkey can move left and right on the floor.

The point of the game is throwing poo at targets to earn points. The poo travels straight up when flung. There are ten bunches of bananas in a line across the top of the screen. The monkey must fling poo at these bunches of bananas to knock them loose; they will slowly sink to the ground. Eating a bunch of bananas refills five poo shots. You can have a maximum of 10 at any one time.

The monkey must also kill spiders. The spiders fall from the top of the screen, faster than the bananas, and faster as the player's score increases. If they make it to the floor, they will walk towards the monkey. They cover about one fourth of the total distance of the floor before disappearing. If the spider hits the monkey, he loses a life.

Shooting a spider is worth 2 points. Eating a bunch of bananas is worth 3 points.


The most effective way to get a high score is to knock as many banana bunches as you can to the floor to eat them. This is best accomplished through strafing runs. Move side to side, hitting each banana bunch as you pass under them. Be sure to kill any spiders.