Movie Tickets
Chapter Chapter 2
Storyline Yes
Time 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Location Movie Theatre
Patron Pinky
Target Gord
Type Distraction
Cash $15
Respect -5 Preppy
Mission Carnival Date
Movie Tickets is a storyline mission in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy is walking past the movie theater in Old Bullworth Vale when Pinky stops him. She introduces herself to him and flirts a little bit before explaining that she wants a favor. She's waiting in line to buy tickets for a movie that she says "means everything" to her, and she wants to be first. Jimmy bemusedly agrees to clear the line for her.

The MissionEdit

In line ahead of Pinky are Lola, Gord, Tad, Bryce, Eunice, Kirby and Trent. Jimmy can't use violence in this mission, so he has to find another way to clear the line.

First, Jimmy has to steal Gord's bike. Gord naturally runs after Jimmy to try and get it back. Lola, angry that she's been left, storms off, with the three Preppies running after her.

Jimmy returns for Eunice. He bribes her with a box of chocolates - if he doesn't have one, he has to buy some from the store - and then lures her to an alley and makes out with her. If any students catch them, they'll yell that it's gross.

Finally he approaches Trent and Kirby who are holding hands, but they flee when they see him, Kirby yelling that all he wants to do is play sports.

With the line cleared, Pinky thanks Jimmy. She pays him for the help, as "It's the least I could do, and it's Daddy's money anyway".

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