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Mr. Breckindale
Mr. Breckindale
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Unknown
"Buy low, sell high!"
— Mr. Breckindale

Mr. Larry Breckindale is a character in Bully, and a resident of Old Bullworth Vale. His voice actor is unknown as he was not credited. His last name was sourced from the data files of the game. His first name is mentioned in unused dialogue during the mission Movie Tickets.

Character description[]

Mr. Breckindale wears a red jacket over a pale yellow shirt, tan trousers and white sneakers, and a gold pendant. In the winter he adds a pair of gloves. He has blond hair and a mustache, and gold stud earrings. He appears to be middle-aged, probably around 50 years old.


Mr. Breckindale is one of the wealthier townsfolk, and makes it known amongst the locals. He talks about his massive amount of wealth and even brings up speeches of his wealth when knocked out. He owns a yacht and is a member of the local Yacht Club. He calls himself "The Big Cat". He has the typical personality of a Preppy: most, if not all of Mr. Breckindale's personality revolves around being wealthy enough to afford everything he desires, including attention from women.

Mr. Breckindale claims to be a black belt in three martial arts, but he doesn't use his training in fights, instead resorting to basic strikes and the citizen's arrest. When talking to Jimmy, he calls him "Jimmy man".

Role in game[]

Mr. Breckindale has no individual role in the game.

Lines in his dialogue files indicate he was in a Chapter 2 mission that was later reworked. It turns out that those lines would be used in the beta version of the Movie Tickets mission. In this mission, Mr. Breckindale was late for a date with Bethany Jones and she hired Jimmy to go find him. Jimmy had to trick Breckindale into chasing him and leading him back to her. However, Jimmy had to make Breckindale waste time, as Bethany was waiting in line at the movie theater. Therefore, she would lose her patience and give up her spot in the line.