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Mr. Bubas
Mr. Bubas
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Discreet Deliveries
Voice Actor Tony Call

Mr. Bubas is a resident of the retirement home. He was voiced by Tony Call.

Character description[]

Mr. Bubas wears pale blue pajamas and slippers. He has a halting walk and is stooped over.


Mr. Bubas used to be a high-ranking member of an Italian mob before he was disowned. He makes references to former mobsters and claims to have done stereotypically mafia-like things like rigging games and making people "sleep with the fishes". He complains that he misses being a big shot and wishes he were still "connected."

Role in game[]

Mr. Bubas has no role in Bully. In Scholarship Edition, he appears briefly in the mission Discreet Deliveries.