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Mr. Buckingham is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townsfolk. He was voiced by Michael Bower.

Character Description[]

Mr. Buckingham wears a blue checked shirt and blue jeans. He also wears a brown tool belt and a yellow hard hat, which would imply that he works in construction.


Mr. Buckingham is a general labourer. He claims that he's "smart and underappreciated" at work and complains about his boss getting him to re-do his work, but will also readily admit (implicitly and explicitly) to having a poor work attitude in general. He is apparently married to Miss Kopke (although the game confusingly refers to her as his girlfriend), and resides in Blue Skies. He is a heavy smoker, and hates it when rats chew his cigarettes.

Role in story[]

Mr. Buckingham gives Jimmy two errands. One is to take a picture of his wife Ms. Kopke in the act of cheating on him, and the other is to kill the rats at the Docks. He has no role in the game otherwise.