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Mr. Castillo
Mr. Castillo
Gender Male
Voice Actor Marco Rodriguez
"So my wife's been yelling till she's blue in the face about me playing poker once a week. Am I NOT supposed to have a LIFE now?"
— Mr. Castillo

Mr. Stuart Castillo is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townsfolk. He was voiced by Marco Rodriguez.

Character description[]

Mr. Castillo has slightly shaggy blond hair and a five o'clock shadow. He wears a dark blue boiler suit and black boots. His first name, Stuart, is displayed on a name tag on his suit.


Mr. Castillo is a former Bullworth Academy student. Shortly after graduating his girlfriend accidentally got pregnant and it ruined his life. He got a low end blue collar job in Blue Skies Industrial Park. Their marriage is unhappy and they fight all the time about everything. It's hinted that his wife is domineering and that he can't stand up to her face to face, even though he bad mouths her a lot when she's not around. He describes his life situation as "trapped", and seems fairly close to being suicidal.

Mr. Castillo spends as much time at the bar with his friends as he can get away with, and he likes to play poker. When other townsfolk complain to him about their problems he often suggests discussing them over a beer and a game of poker. He also seems to still be somewhat immature. He still uses slang, and puts down school kids in a way that makes it sound like he's trying to put himself up. He brags that women are still interested in him and that he's still capable of "pulling tail", although he hasn't worked up the nerve to cheat on his wife yet.

Role in game[]

Mr. Castillo owns a cable company, but the satellites in the area are ruining the signals, so he pays Jimmy to destroy them. Later, he asks Jimmy to deliver a parcel to a man waiting by the Police Station.

He has no role in the game otherwise.