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Mr. Doolin
Mr. Doolin
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Howard Ross
"You're one heck of a sucka'!"
— Mr. Doolin

Mr. Doolin is one of the Townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale.

Character description[]

Mr. Doolin is an elderly white man in his 60s, possibly his early 70s. He is balding and has a thick mustache. He wears a dark blue suit and matching pants over a white shirt with a red tie, and a gold tie-clip. In the winter, he adds a brown cowboy hat to his outfit.


Mr. Doolin considers himself to be a terrible person who will continue to do bad deeds until he passes away, and that he is certain he's going to hell. Apparently, his personal fortune stems from scams, and he claims to have ripped off numerous customers. His scams seem to mostly involve insurance and real estate deals.

He has targeted a number of people for scams, including Mrs. Lisburn, Mr. Bubas, the Carnival Folk, and Mr. Huntingdon. At times, Mr. Doolin is happy about his chosen way of life, but at other times he can be heard complaining about people being fake in general, while admitting that he himself is a horrible person. However, he also admits that his dirty business is due to the lack of honesty from other people, and that "nobody plays by the rules."

Role in game[]

Mr. Doolin has no individual role in the game.