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Mr. Hattrick
Mr. Hattrick
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Family Deceased Wife
Kissable No
Missions Welcome to Bullworth
Hattrick vs. Galloway
Glass House
Cheating Time
Voice Actor Charles Turner
"Corporal punishment, yes. But when will capital punishment be allowed back in our schools?"
— Mr. Hattrick

Mr. Hattrick is the Math teacher at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Charles Turner.

Character Description[]

Mr. Hattrick is a 48[1]-year-old black man. Although he's significantly overweight, he is still physically imposing. He wears a navy suit jacket over a light blue dress shirt, and khaki slacks. He carries pens in the pocket of his jacket. In the winter, he buttons one button of his jacket and hangs an untied red scarf around his neck. His hair is cut short and not in any particular style, and is just starting to turn gray at the temples. In official artwork, he has a soulpatch goatee that was not included in his in-game model.

He has a house called Hattrick Manor in the rich residential area of Old Bullworth Vale. He is shown to drive a green station wagon in the mission Glass House.


Mr. Hattrick was introduced on the Bullworth Facebook as the teacher that students "love to hate and hate to love", and is described as an old school authoritarian teacher. These characteristics remained true in the game, unlike many other Facebook descriptions.

Hattrick is self-righteous and tyrannical, and he has a very low opinion of both the students and his fellow teachers. His general opinion on the students is that they are similar to dogs, and that the only way they can learn is by being punished more often and more harshly, even advocating for the legalization of capital punishment in schools. He is rude to the well-behaved students, and calls Sheldon a "twerp", although Sheldon speaks positively of him otherwise.

He is as unpleasant to his fellow staff as he is to students. He harangues Mr. Galloway for drinking alcohol on school grounds; Galloway claims that Hattrick has been on his case for years, and his drinking is a result of the stress Hattrick causes him. He isn't seen interacting with any other teachers, but he seems to have a poor reputation around town, with Ms. Philips, Miss Danvers, and Edna disliking him. Even Miss Abby, despite her senility, speaks ill of him.

As upright as he presents himself, Hattrick is quite corrupt. He is an old money type from Old Bullworth Vale, where he owns a manor. He is friends with many of the fathers of the Preppies. He sells test answers to the sons of his rich friends, who then sell the test answers to other students around the school and give Hattrick a cut of their earnings. The Preppie Justin even claims that Hattrick used to work for his father.

According to Pedro, Mr. Hattrick was a sniper in Korea, incidentally the same place that The Hobo's platoon was cut down by friendly fire. Mr. Hattrick is also a widower; his wife committed suicide, although it isn't specified when. He claims that she never understood him.

Role in Story[]

Hattrick appears in the first mission, where he runs up on Jimmy's fight with Russell. He ignores the Bullies and instead lectures Jimmy on being out of uniform.

Later on, he has taken Beatrice's diary after catching her writing in it, locked it in his desk, and afterwards brought it to the Teachers' lounge, with the intent of giving it to Dr. Crabblesnitch, intending to humiliate Beatrice by having her secrets revealed.

Later that year, Jimmy encounters Hattrick yelling at Galloway in the English classroom, berating him for drinking and then stating he intends to get Galloway fired. He goes to Crabblesnitch, forcing Jimmy to hide all of Galloway's booze before Crabblesnitch can see it. He continues to harass Galloway over the course of the year, prompting Jimmy to retaliate on the latter's behalf by trashing his house and surrounding estate in Glass House. Later that year, he guilt-trips Galloway into enrolling in Happy Volts Asylum to get off the alcohol. Ms. Philips convinces Jimmy to enter the asylum and find him.

In the mission Cheating Time, Galloway reveals to Jimmy that Hattrick is selling test answers to the Preppies in exchange for kickbacks. Jimmy is able to obtain photographic evidence of this and presents it to Crabblesnitch, who fires Hattrick on the spot.

In Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition, he teaches the Math class, and can be seen teaching it even after having been fired. In the original Bully, he can occasionally be seen wandering campus after being fired.


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