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Mr. Huntingdon
Mr. Huntingdon-profile
Clique none
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Discretion Assured
Voice Actor David White
"Every time they block me, my blood boils! High blood pressure leads to heart disease! I probably got that now!"
— Mr. Huntingdon

Mr. Huntingdon is one of the Townsfolk who lives in Old Bullworth Vale. He was voiced by David White.

Character description

Mr. Huntingdon is black and completely bald. He wears a gray shirt with a yellow tie, black trousers and brown loafers.


Mr. Huntingdon is a troubled man who, unlike Mr. Doolin, is too honest for his own good, and seems to have bad luck in life. He's involved in the development business, and stresses the importance of following the rules of society, and complains excessively about people who violate these rules, even to the point of where he feels the world is against him.

Despite all the hurdles he faces in life, he works hard towards his goals, believing that "perseverance pays off". One such hurdle is City Hall continually denying him of a building permit. He and Mr. Smith seem to be business rivals.

The other hurdle is his health. He apparently suffers from numerous illnesses, some of which are possibly terminal, and is on heavy medication. The most notable illness he talks about is his enlarged prostate, and how his urine burns, but he also complains about having a heart condition, asthma and sciatica.

He owns the burger drive-in restaurant in Old Bullworth Vale.

Role in game

He can be seen looking at the poster of Mandy located on the wall of the Town Hall during the mission Discretion Assured.

Mr. Huntingdon also gives Jimmy an errand delivering burgers to Dr. Bambillo, Tobias Mason and Mr. Martin.

Deleted content

Although Huntingdon doesn't speak in the final version of Discretion Assured, he has lines in the data files where he complains that the poster of Mandy he's looking at is inappropriate, and thanks Jimmy after he spraypaints over it.

According to unused dialogue files, Mr. Huntingdon once ordered Mr. Martin to deliver windows to Rocket in My Pocket. It seems that this scenario would have happened in the beta version of the Movie Tickets mission. Mr. Martin was waiting in line at the movie theatre, after doing his job. In order for him to give up his spot, Jimmy went ahead and destroyed the windows of the shop, leading to Mr. Huntingdon blaming Mr. Martin of not doing his job at all.