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Mr. Martin
Mr. Martin
Kissable No
Missions Discretion Assured
Voice Actor Unknown
"And I thought I was a loser! But this guy..."
— Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin is one of the townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale. His voice actor is unknown, as he was never credited in the Bully instruction manual.

Character Description[]

Mr. Martin has an auburn buzzcut. He wears a white dress shirt, black trousers and plain black sneakers. During the winter, he adds a brown sports jacket to his outfit.


Mr. Martin's main personality trait is his bitterness and anger. He claims he hates life and considers himself a jerk. He owns the seafood restaurant in Old Bullworth Vale, but he claims to be going through severe financial troubles, and is hopping from job to job.

According to unused mission dialogue (which belongs to the beta version of the Movie Tickets mission), he was working delivering plate glass, and Mr. Huntingdon was his boss. According to the unused dialogue of Mr. Huntingdon, Mr. Martin has a widowed mother and 4 kids.[1]

Mr. Martin also warns the youth not to end up like him. Despite his apparent lack of prosperity he socializes with the wealthy citizens of Old Bullworth Vale rather than the blue collar townsfolk or the hobos.

Some of the things he says about his rotten home life match up with Wade Martin's complaints about his father. He is believed to be Christy Martin's father as well. He has an affair with Miss Kopke.

Role in game[]

Mr. Martin gives Jimmy an errand fetching crabs from the sea, presumably for his seafood restaurant. He has a very small role in Discretion Assured, where he is seen looking at one of the posters of Mandy.

When Mr. Martin has the affair with Ms. Kopke, Ms. Kopke's husband, Mr. Buckingham gives Jimmy an errand to get a picture of his wife Ms. Kopke in the act of cheating on him with Mr. Martin. In the errand Jimmy takes pictures of Ms. Kopke and Mr. Martin kissing outside the In-And-Out Motel.

Mr. Martin is one of Jimmy's customers both in his burger delivering errand and his paper route.


When the Bully dialogue data files were cracked on the PC version of the game, only his mission dialogue (both used and unused) and dialogue for the crab fetching errand were found. However, his dialogue is clearly complete within the game. For some reason, the audio tool makes an extraction error on the PC version of the game; Mr. Martin's mission dialogue and errand dialogue go under the "Martin" name, while all his other dialogue files go under "Mr. Martin". The space may interfere in the extraction process. However, this is not the case with the PS2 version of the game, where the extraction can be done completely (although the quality of the audio is lower due to it being meant for the console version).


  1. Speech file Huntingd_2-06_063_v1: "I know you got 4 kids and a widowed mother, but if you don't shape up, I don't know if I can continue to employ you!"