Mr. Matthews
Mr. Matthews
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Family Father
Kissable No
Voice Actor Milton James (uncredited)
"Good news, class! Today we will be looking at some exciting new maps! Can you believe it?"
— Mr. Matthews, Geography 4
Matthews GEO 001 v4

Mr. Matthews is the Geography teacher at Bullworth Academy. He only appears in the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mr. Matthews is a tall, thin man who appears to be in his late 50's or 60's. He is balding, with graying black hair and he wears an orange suit and thick rimmed black glasses.


Mr. Matthews has an English accent and is quite enthusiastic about his subject. However, unlike Mr. Wiggins and/or Dr. Watts, he is able to perceive the reality around him and is not completely absorbed in his subject of study. He tends to assume the best about his students and enjoys reading documentaries. He claims to have visited 128 countries out of all 194 and feels cramped while he is on campus, as he is unable to explore more of the world.

However, if he is made to spawn in free roam by modding the game, he retains the same nasty behaviour that other faculty members have towards students. His favourite pejorative towards the students is "wanker". This may be the reason for which he was disabled from spawning in free roam.

He comes from a family of farmers and apparently his father wanted him to become a farmer too. He wonders if he has made the right choice becoming a teacher.

He also makes a reference to Indiana Jones' movies, by commenting "I would have gotten the idol if it wasn't for that damn boulder". While he's probably just fantasizing, it may also mean he used to be an archeologist before becoming a teacher.

Role in game Edit

Mr. Matthews is not in any missions and can only be encountered when Jimmy attends Geography class. He can never be encountered in free roam without modifying the games' files.

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