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Mr. Moratti

Mr. Moratti is the elderly Italian barber owner of The Happy Mullet. He was voiced by Vincenzo Sanseviero.

Character description[]

Mr. Moratti has balding grey hair combed backwards. He wears a dirty white apron with scissors and comb in a pocket, over a white shirt and black trousers.


Mr. Moratti speaks with a heavy Italian accent and is kind to Jimmy. He generally addresses him as "my friend."

Role in game[]

Mr. Moratti can always be found inside his barber shop, but in Bully he plays no individual role.

In Scholarship Edition, he plays a small part in the mission Discreet Deliveries, where Jimmy delivers a batch of hair growth tonic to him. Although Mr. Moratti isn't completely bald, as a barber he would have a lot of use for such a product.