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Mr. Oh
Mr. Oh
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Eggs
Tad's House
Voice Actor Andrew Pang

Mr. Oh is the manager of the Yum Yum Market locations in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town.

Character Description[]

Mr. Oh wears a green apron over a brown shirt and jeans, with brown boots. He has black hair in the curtains style, and wears black circular glasses.


Mr. Oh appears to be a target for many pranks, as a fair amount of his dialogue involves disregard for childish humor. He also seems to care a great deal about how children are raised. He claims to enjoy living in America.

Mr. Oh dislikes the Preppies, Tad Spencer in particular, presumably because they are rude and arrogant when dealing with a blue collar worker like himself.

His accent and voice shift between stereotypical, nasal Oriental and unaccented American English during free roam. However, he speaks exclusively in unaccented American during cutscenes.

Role in game[]

Jimmy first meets Mr. Oh during the mission The Eggs, where he is required to buy eggs from Mr. Oh's store in Old Bullworth Vale. It is possible for Jimmy to avoid meeting him by already having eggs in his inventory at the time or by finding them lying around.

A bit later, during the mission Tad's House, Mr. Oh is nearly beaten up by Russell Northrop for calling him dumb. He recognizes Jimmy from the previous mission (even if Jimmy didn't meet him), and gets him to call off Russell. He then tells him about Tad's parents being away and suggests egging his house as a revenge prank.

He also seems to know about Tad's plan to egg Mr. Hattrick's manor.