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Mr. Ramirez
Mr. Ramirez
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Gregory Johnson

Mr. Ramirez is one of the townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale.

Character description[]

Mr. Ramirez is dark skinned. He has short cut black hair, and wears a black button-up shirt and blue jeans.


Mr. Ramirez's name, accent, and skin color indicate that he has Central American heritage of some sort. He speaks fluent English, but mixes some Spanish words into his dialogue, for example referring to Jimmy as "niño (boy)", and claiming to be "too viejo (old) for this".

He is apparently a family man, and unlike most "family people" in Bullworth, seems to be quite happy with his. Unfortunately, he claims that he is very busy with his work and has little time to spend with his family. His dialogue also indicates he's a kind person and is generally shocked by the excessive freedom that Bullworth Academy students have. Due to this, he is not very willing to enroll his children there.

His dialogue contains some references to Officer Monson. He claims that Officer Monson is fixated on children and only arrests them.

Role in game[]

Mr. Ramirez has no individual role in the game.

He was originally intended to be an asylum patient, and has lines for warning Jimmy about "the watcher". However, this role was given to Otto Tyler.

According to unused dialogue in the game files, at one point he could have given Jimmy an errand to deliver food for his business, much like Mr. Huntingdon in the final game.