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Mr. Salvatore
Mr. Salvatore
Gender Male
Voice Actor Steve Carlesi

Mr. Salvatore is one of the Townsfolk and a resident of Blue Skies Industrial Park. He was voiced by Steve Carlesi.

Character description[]

Mr. Salvatore wears an orange vest over a blue plaid shirt with brown trousers, black work boots and a yellow helmet that can be knocked off. His voice is much less rough than the other Blue Skies townsfolk.


Mr. Salvatore is one of the friendlier and more pleasant townsfolk, though he has a prevalent habit of tooting his horn when it comes to women, claiming that they fall down at his feet. He also takes great pride in the fact that he attends community college.

Role in story[]

He has an errand where he asks Jimmy to deliver a package to Spazz Industries. He plays no role in the game otherwise.

Deleted content[]

A removed errand had Mr. Burton send Jimmy to pick up some pornographic magazines he lent to Mr. Salvatore, but Salvatore had been reading them in the park, gotten chased out, and dropped them. He sent Jimmy to collect them.