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Mr. Svenson
Mr. Svenson
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Pete Adler

Mr. Svenson is the Bullworth postman. His voice actor wasn't credited in the original game manual, but is identified in the Scholarship Edition as Pete Adler.

Character description[]

Mr. Svenson has brown hair and a mustache. He wears a postman's uniform - in the summertime, a light blue shirt and dark blue shorts, complete with brown loafers. In the winter, he wears long blue pants and a jacket of the same color with red post office logos on it.


He usually can only be found in the residential area of Old Bullworth Vale, where he doesn't socialize with the residents, but there are also times where he shows up all around Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town socializing with the residents and driving vehicles as well. He claims he once took self-defense classes, although he uses citizen's arrest and basic strikes when goaded to fight.

Role in game[]

Mr. Svenson has no role in the storyline, but he gives Jimmy an errand fetching a package from a locked house. During Paper Route, he will attempt to engage in fisticuffs with Jimmy.