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Mrs. McRae
Mrs. McRae
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Susan Blommaert
"Life is suffering. Then you die."
— Mrs. McRae

Mrs. McRae is the Bullworth Academy school nurse. She was voiced by Susan Blommaert.

She was identified as Nurse McRae on the official Bully website, but as Mrs. McRae in the game credits.

Character Description[]

Mrs. McRae is a gray haired, slightly hunchbacked woman who appears to be in her 60's, possibly her early 70's. She wears her nurse uniform topped with glasses on a string and pumps, wearing a blue scarf in the winter.

An earlier version of the character posted on Tyler Wilson's website was named Danica. Danica was gaunt and sallow skinned, and her face barely looked human--she had oversized red eyes, oversized pointed ears, and a sharply hooked nose.


Mrs. McRae is morbid, frequently talking about the inevitability of death. She also appears to dislike children, and she takes an unspecified form of medication. She uses medical-themed insults, such as calling someone a "vegetable" or "mental patient."

Role in Story[]

Mrs. McRae plays no role in any mission in the game. She occasionally appears wandering campus, and will appear in the girls' dorm if Jimmy causes trouble while there.