Mrs. Peabody
Mrs. Peabody
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Hattrick vs. Galloway
Panty Raid
Voice Actor Flo Salant
"I've been known to punish boys unfairly..."
— Mrs. Peabody

Mrs. Peabody is the Girls' Dorm hall monitor and perhaps the home economics teacher at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Flo Salant.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mrs. Peabody is an unattractive woman. She wears an old fashioned white blouse and a brown skirt, and wears her hair in a very plain bun. Her face is pinched and somewhat hawklike, and her most notable feature is her coke bottle glasses. In the winter she wears a cardigan and a heavier skirt.


Mrs. Peabody is extremely strict about the rules. She is of the opinion that there is "no such thing as a minor crime", and wishes to treat all crimes as equally bad. She also dislikes all boys on general principle, claiming that she punishes them unfairly and that Bullworth should be an all-girls school. Like Mrs. Carvin, she is old fashioned.

She is not completely righteous however ; in one of her dialogue lines, she claims she'd let a student skip class if they were to bribe her.

Her aggresive behaviour may be a result of blindness. Miss Peabody hints at her own blindness by saying: "I may be almost blind, but I'm determined!". It seems that her blindness is also acknowledged by Mrs. McRae, as she can be heard saying that: "Miss Peabody can barely see even with those glasses". Miss Peabody also claims that "last time she was happy was when she was around five".

She seems to be a mother hen of the worst kind. She is constantly on patrol in the Girls' Dorm and can be heard haranguing the girls, including forbidding "foolishness".

An earlier version of her character model depicts her with a darker skin tone and a bandage over her right eye.

Role in StoryEdit

Any time Jimmy has to enter the girls dorm for a mission, he has to deal with Mrs. Peabody. She is always patrolling the halls, and on missions will throw him out automatically if she spots him.

Some artwork of Mrs. Peabody pinching the ear of a blond boy, possibly Trent Northwick, appears on the loading screen.

She sometimes appears in the main school building and will try to bust Jimmy if he goes into the girls' washroom.

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