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Mrs. Peabody
Mrs. Peabody
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Hattrick vs. Galloway
Panty Raid
Voice Actor Flo Salant
"When you commit a crime... know that I punish boys unfairly..."
— Mrs. Peabody

Mrs. Peabody is the Girls' Dorm hall monitor at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Flo Salant.

Character Description[]

Mrs. Peabody is an unattractive woman. She wears an old-fashioned white blouse and a brown skirt, and wears her hair in a very plain bun. Her face is pinched and she has a somewhat aquiline appearance. She is very nearsighted - she wears red framed coke bottle glasses, and some lines of dialogue indicates that she can barely see without them on. In the winter, she puts on a brown cardigan and a heavier skirt.


It isn't entirely clear what Mrs. Peabody's actual position at Bullworth Academy is. It is widely presumed that she is the Home Economics teacher, as there is a classroom for Home Ec yet the identity of the Home Ec teacher was never specified in either the game or the now-defunct Bully website. She spends much of her time in the girls' dorm, acting as a mother hen of the most obnoxious sort. She orders the girls to go to bed early, castigates them over even small amounts of disorder, and forbids 'foolishness.' However, her strictness with the girls pales in comparison to the way she treats the male students.

Mrs. Peabody is a misandrist of the highest order. She believes that evil itself comes from men and boys, and so she makes it a point to punish boys as severely as she can get away with. She even claims that at every second, somewhere a boy is picking on a girl, and that she regrets not being able to be everywhere at once to protect the female students from boys. She advocates for the return of corporal punishment in school, reminisces about the times she was able to paddle boys with weapons like canes and pans, and laments that she isn't as 'ruthless' as she used to be. One time she turned a blind eye when a male student stole a piece of chalk, and she is bemused and disappointed in herself for it. Although using Mrs. in her name indicates she is or was married, her husband is never mentioned.

Aside from her enthusiasm for punishing the students, Mrs. Peabody is just an alarming woman with odd mannerisms. Her voice is shrill and quavery, and sounds much older than she looks. She speaks very slowly and emphatically, and sometimes her voice even takes on a sing-song quality. She sometimes makes peculiar references to her "power", claiming to be more powerful than the students when she busts them, and she claims to take power naps (heavily emphasizing the word 'power'). When a rat is thrown at her, she will mistake it for a 'human infant.' All this faintly implies that she herself is a witch or a hag rather than a human, although it's much more likely that she's just a strange woman.

An earlier version of the character was posted on Tyler Wilson's website. This version of the character was slump-shouldered and had a bandage over one eye.

Role in Story[]

Any time Jimmy has to enter the girls dorm for a mission, he has to deal with Mrs. Peabody. She is always patrolling the halls, and during missions she will throw him out automatically if he's spotted.

Some artwork of Mrs. Peabody pinching the ear of a blond boy, possibly Trent Northwick, appears on the loading screen.

She sometimes appears in the main school building and will try to bust Jimmy if he goes into the girls' washroom.


  • Mrs. Peabody has two unique dialogue types, GDWARN1 (three lines) and GDWARN3 (one line). These are both for when Jimmy trespasses in the Girls' Dorm, but the difference between them isn't clear, nor is it clear why there is no GDWARN2.