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Ms. Isaacs
Ms. Isaacs
Gender Female
Kissable No
Missions Making a Mark
Voice Actor Tiffany Little-Canfield
"Good for me. Giving up an exciting city life to come here for an illicit love affair..."
— Ms. Isaacs

Ms. Isaacs is a character in Bully and one of the Townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale. She was voiced by Tiffany Little-Canfield.

Character Description[]

Ms. Isaacs has auburn hair worn fairly short. She wears a blue fur-trimmed jacket and a matching knee-length skirt, and blue heeled shoes. In the winter, she wears blue heeled boots, black tights, and a pair of blue gloves.


Ms. Isaacs is an arrogant woman. She constantly brags about her good looks. She used to be a resident of an unspecified large city, but came to Bullworth due to some romantic business. She tells varying stories, such as that she fled the big city for true love, or that her bitter ex-boyfriend forced her to leave town.

What actually happened appears to be that she got caught cheating on her ex-husband with a local and ended up moving to Bullworth because of it. She claims that she's currently having an affair with a married man. She isn't particularly fond of Bullworth however, and still feels culturally superior to the residents. She particularly dislikes the Bullworth Academy students and declares herself an advocate for capital punishment, much like Mr. Hattrick.

Role in game[]

Ms. Isaacs can be seen in the crowd in front of the Town Hall after Jimmy spray-paints it in the mission Making a Mark, along with Krakauer, Mr. Smith, Miss Kopke and Bethany Jones.

Although she herself has no role in Rudy the Red Nosed Santa, all the dialogue for the Generic Parents in that mission is rigged to her model, which stays offscreen for the duration of the mission to give the illusion of multiple characters talking.