Nicky Charles

Nicky Charles

"Spend a little more next time, penny pincher!"
— Nicky Charles

Nicky Charles is the Worn In store clerk. Roderick Covington provided his voice.

Character descriptionEdit

Nicky is black, and has dark brown hair in a buzz-cut. He wears a short-sleeved denim jacket over a patterned black tee-shirt and a gold crucifix on a chain. He speaks in Ebonics.


Nicky does not really like serving customers, and he also seems to hate it when Jimmy window shops. Sometimes he will call Jimmy a "penny pincher" when he does not spend much, and will tell him to "keep looking fly" when he does buy clothes.

Role in gameEdit

Jimmy must pick up Edna's laundry at the store in Last Minute Shopping and Ms. Philips's dress in Here's to you Ms. Philips.

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