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Nicky Charles

Nicky Charles

"Spend a little more next time, penny pincher!"
— Nicky Charles

Nicky Charles is the Worn In store clerk. Roderick Covington provided his voice.

Character description[]

Nicky is black, and has dark brown hair in a buzz-cut. He wears a short-sleeved denim jacket over a patterned black tee-shirt and a gold crucifix on a chain. He speaks in Ebonics.


Nicky does not really like serving customers, and he also seems to hate it when Jimmy window shops. Sometimes he will call Jimmy a "penny pincher" when he does not spend much, and will tell him to "keep looking fly" when he does buy clothes.

Role in game[]

Jimmy must pick up Edna's laundry at the store in Last Minute Shopping and Ms. Philips's dress in Here's to you Ms. Philips.