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Norton Williams
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Family Officer Williams
Kissable No
Missions Russell in the Hole
Greaser Challenge
Wrong Part of Town
Lola's Race
The Tenements
The Rumble
Fighting Johnny Vincent
Finding Johnny Vincent
Preppies Vandalized
Voice Actor Adam Chandler-Berat
"This is like a money pyramid! Only, I take all your money, and I may or may not beat you."
— Norton

Norton Williams is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Greasers at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Adam Chandler-Berat.

Character description[]

Norton is a tall black greaser with a small black afro and brown eyes. He wears a dark brown leather jacket with the collar turned up over khaki pants, black engineer boots and black fingerless gloves.


Norton speaks with a strong Black American accent. He's the biggest member of his clique, and tied with Hal for being the second toughest Greaser behind Johnny Vincent. Although he claims to not have any rank in the clique[1], he can be seen assuming a leader-like role in the clique when Johnny is absent. He doesn't speak badly of either Johnny or Lola but does question whether their relationship is good for Johnny.

He has one of the more nuanced personalities of characters in Bully. His major personality trait is his snarky, sarcastic sense of humor. Whether he's friendly, angry, or neutral he has a lot of wisecracks and humorously expressed observations. For one example, his reaction to the Freak Show is that they're nothing compared to the sight of Ray with no shirt on. His take on the boxing club in Old Bullworth Vale is that the only thing more corrupt than normal boxing is Bullworth boxing. In a deleted line from the mission Paparazzi, on seeing compromising pictures of Mandy he quips 'That's it. I'm gonna go try out for the football team.'

Conversely, he sometimes tries to present himself as a stereotypical tough guy with a soft and awkward side. He references the movie The Outsiders, claiming he cried during the end and talking about how if he could paint, he'd paint sunsets like Ponyboy. It is also implied he has a hidden nerdy streak - he calls the nerds 'Nerdtards', but mentions he goes to the comic book shop, references The Lord of the Rings, and is familiar enough with nerd lingo to make fun of it during fights.[2] He also has plans to work in demolition after he graduates from Bullworth.

It's likely that he is the son of the policeman Officer Williams because they share the same last name and skin color. When talking to or about Jimmy Hopkins he refers to him only by his last name.

Norton with his sledgehammer

Tenements Boss: Norton with his sledgehammer.

Role in game[]

Norton's first storyline appearance is when he accompanies Johnny and Lola to watch Jimmy's fight against Russell in The Hole.

He makes regular appearances during Chapter 3. His biggest role is in the mission The Tenements, where he is a boss. Apparently in charge of the clique while Johnny isn't there, Norton waits for Jimmy on the top floor and attacks him with a sledgehammer. In Wrong Part of Town, he's the one who sics the clique on Jimmy, Chad, and Algie after Lola's flirting gets the trio in trouble. He appears in many other Chapter 3 missions in a non-speaking role. During The Rumble, he can be seen being leaned over a police car by the police.

In Chapter 5, during Finding Johnny Vincent, Lola goes to Norton after Johnny disappears. She argues with him, and he calls her a tramp before grudgingly giving Jimmy some useful information.

He plays on the Greasers' Dodgeball team.

Beta changes & removed content[]

Norton has unused dialogue in the missions Lola's Race, Paparazzi, and The Rumble. His dialogue line in Lola's Race isn't significant enough to indicate what his role might have been. He was most likely to be found admiring a picture of Mandy in Paparazzi. The Rumble was apparently completely redone at some point in development - judging by the dialogue, Norton and several other Greasers were sneaking through New Coventry, trying to find Johnny while avoiding the police.

At an earlier point in development, he was named Jason.

His dialogue files are missing some dialogue for insulting various types of clothing. More curiously, he has a 'BUSTING' line like Prefects do.


  1. Norton_SCARED_v3: "You don't want to waste your time on me. I'm not even a head Greaser."
  2. Norton_FIGHN_v1: "If at any point, you say 'owned', 'pwned' or 'ownage', I'monna make this hurt way more than it has to.