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The Observatory is an abandoned planetarium found behind the Football Field accessed either by the gates leading to the Football Field or via a secured gate near the library. The interior is inaccessible in free roam unless mods are installed to undo the obstacle.

Jimmy standing in the front of the Observatory.

According to Miss Danvers, The Observatory is permanently closed due to "safety reasons" but Earnest Jones turned it into a hideout of sorts for the Nerds, fortifying it and adding a defense system consisting of a spud cannon defending the outer gates, and nearly inaccessible girders from which various weapons can be fired on the inside. There are large destroyable models of the planets hanging from the ceiling.

Aside from cutscenes, the Observatory can only be explored during the Nerd Boss Fight. In fact, during free roam the door is boarded shut. The spud cannon on the walls, however, remains operable and can be used against any students Jimmy baits into chasing him to the Observatory.

Before Nerd Boss Fight is completed, access to the Observatory field will be barricaded by a wooden wall to prevent premature access.

Mission Appearances[]


  • If Jimmy entered the observatory using mods on free roam, he would get a full 1/3 trouble meter for "trespassing". This may indicate that the observatory originally was going to be accessible.
  • If Jimmy throws a firecracker at the observatory doors, they will get damaged. However, Jimmy cannot completely knock the doors down as it is impossible.
  • When looking outside at the front of the building, The player can clearly see a Telescope Protruding from the dome. However, in the Nerd Boss Fight when the player is inside the Observatory, there is no telescope when the player looks upwards.