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Officer Monson
Clique Police
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Glass House

Complete Mayhem

Voice Actor Mike Plant
"I always get my man!...That didn't sound gay, did it?"
— Officer Monson

Officer Monson is a police officer in Bullworth. He was voiced by Mike Plant.

Character description[]

Officer Monson often patrols using a police motorcycle, which would explain why he always wears a white motorcycle helmet along with the standard police uniform. He speaks with a thick Southern accent and has a black moustache in the pencil style.


Officer Monson is a brutal police officer, and most of his dialogue is laced with police brutality. There are even hints of sodomy, though this isn't made as obvious in his comments. He appears to be corrupt, but he gives Jimmy an errand exposing Officer Williams' corruption. This is because the two seem to be rivals as they share different attitudes towards juveniles.

Role in game[]

Officer Monson appears in Glass House, patrolling the compound with the other police officers, and also in the first part of Complete Mayhem, patrolling the Wonder Meats compound. He also gives Jimmy an errand to expose Officer Williams' corruption.