Bully Wiki
Officer Morrison
Clique Police
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Mother
Kissable No
Missions Glass House
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor James Norton
"You have the right to remain silent!"
— Officer Morrison

Officer Morrison is a police officer of Bullworth.

Character description[]

Officer Morrison wears the standard police uniform. He has blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, and has a thick moustache.


Officer Morrison appears to be quite slow-witted. He seems to care about the tenements and gives Jimmy two errands to clean them up. Unlike the other officers, Officer Morrison does not appear to abuse his authority, and is more of an authoritarian. Some of his dialogue indicates he's into cross-dressing and other metrosexual affairs. He also seems to be very close with his mother and is possibly a mother's boy.

Role in game[]

Officer Morrison has a minor role in the game. He asks Jimmy for help in putting out a cluster of small fires in the tenements. In a separate errand, he gets Jimmy to clear the building of rats. During Glass House, he can be seen patrolling the compound of Hattrick Manor with the other officers.


  • A pursuing-suspect line in his dialogue was reused in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, another game made by Rockstar.