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Omar Romero
Clique Townies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Busting In, Part II
Voice Actor James Kennedy
"I never feel better than when I can see a pool of someone else's blood."
— Omar

Omar Romero is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Townies. He was voiced by James Kennedy.

Character description[]

Omar has a tall and muscular build and wears a swamp green tank top with an orange flame pattern with an orange biohazard sign, orange metal wrist cuffs, and dark green pants, even in the winter time. He has red hair in a buzzcut and green eyes. Due to their similar outfits and haircuts, he can be mistaken for Clint (aka Henry) at a distance. For unknown reasons a winter clothes model of Omar does not exist in the game.

A character who may have been a version of Omar appeared in the comic. He was tall and thin with a buzzcut hairstyle like Omar, and wore a tie wrapped around his head like a headband.


Omar's voice is simultaneously high pitched, gravelly and nasal, making him hard to understand. Although all the Townies hate Bullworth Academy, Omar spends most of his time preoccupied with how much he hates it, everything about it and everyone who's even slightly associated with it. He goes so far as to wish that someone would set the school on fire and kill everyone who attended it. He does, however, lust after the cheerleaders.

For a kid, Omar is very small minded and old fashioned. He says that as far as he's concerned, that there's no world outside Bullworth. He complains about the amount of educated people in the world. He also objects to technological improvements, although usually only because they interfere with him in some way. He used to rob gas stations, but now that pumps have switched to ATM it's not profitable anymore. Likewise he used to mug people, but now they only carry credit cards. He also complains that no one is willing to take responsibility for anything. Whenever anything goes wrong for Omar, he wails that he hates Bullworth and that it sucks.

Omar also has a comic side. He splutters incoherently when confused or worked up. When knocked off a bike he whines that he hurt his "tushie", and when someone throws a rat he yells "dinnertime!" Some of his quotes when knocked out reference the US armed services, and others are pop cultural references.

Role in game[]

Like the other clique second-in-commands, Omar doesn't participate in most of the missions involving the Townies - in fact, he only participates in the very last one, Busting In, Part II. In this, he holds the keycard to the abandoned chemical plant where his clique leader Edgar is hiding, and Jimmy has to fight him for it. He has a much bigger life bar in this mission than he has in free roam.

He also has an appearance in an errand. He steals a bike from Tobias Mason's bike store in Bullworth Town, and Jimmy has to retrieve the bike.