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The Orderlies are a group of burly men who often patrol the Happy Volts Psychiatric Asylum and the Happy Endings retirement home.


Inexplicably, only Theo can be seen patrolling both areas in free roam. The other orderly, Gregory is seen only in two missions. They both wear white uniforms and teal gloves, with a bunch of keys attached to their belt. When they bust Jimmy, they will sedate him. Afterward, they presumably turn him over to the police: the game will resume with Jimmy outside a police station, just as if he had been busted by a cop.

It is possible to get a friendly response from them if Jimmy wears the Orderly uniform he obtains from the asylum's laundry room in Finding Johnny Vincent. This will not work if he goes to the retirement home however. Grapple-immune characters cannot be busted by Orderlies.


Image Name Voice Artist
Gregory Rob Karol
Theo Scott Smith


  • The Orderlies do not have their own chase theme. The Prefects' music is used instead.
  • The Orderlies will caution Jimmy if he is not wearing his school uniform.
  • In the game data files, the Orderlies and the Prefects are categorized in the same group/type. This explains the reasons for the two situations above.