Bully Wiki
Clique Townsfolk
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions none
Voice Actor Unknown

Osbourne is a character in Bully. His voice actor is unknown, as he wasn't credited. His name was obtained through the data files within the game.

Character Description[]

Osbourne is a middle-aged black man. He's entirely bald on top of his head with the sides cut short, and he has a soul patch. He wears dirty work jeans and a dark grey long sleeved work shirt over a black undershirt. He also wears white sneakers, and rolls the right sleeve of his shirt up to show the tattoos on his right forearm.


Osbourne is a former star player for the Bullworth Bullhorns. He was one of the big men on campus back in the day and he married the head cheerleader. Unfortunately for him, high school football didn't lead to anything better, and his cheerleader wife grew so fat that, in his words, she "couldn't wear her old cheerleader skirt as a garter." He constantly reminisces his glory days on the football field and talks about little else. He will also call people "Froshes," which is a term for a college freshman. He played hooky during his days at the school, which implies that he neglected his academic education. 

Although he has a job within the newspaper industry, he skulks about town like the hobos Handy and Krakauer.

Role in story[]

Osbourne hires Jimmy to run a paper route in Old Bullworth Vale.