Bully Wiki
Otto Tyler
Clique Townies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Balls of Snow
Galloway Away
Townie Challenge
Finding Johnny Vincent
Preppies Vandalized
Busting In, Part II
Mailbox Armageddon
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Ian Stynes
"You know I hate everyone from that school of yours. So get lost."
— Otto

Otto Tyler is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Townies. He was voiced by Ian Stynes.

Character description[]

Otto is small framed with brown eyes, ears that stick out, and he has short brown hair. He wears an orange tank top with a skull on the front, and two black bands on his left arm, one at the wrist, one at the bicep, he also wears black pants with a pocket chain and black boots. In the winter time he wears a navy blue padded jacket with orange trim, and a black wool cap with an orange stripe with the same black pants with the pocket chain and black boots that he normally wears. He bears a mild resemblance to the beta character Sid.


Otto spends most of his time complaining about how much he hates school. His dialogue indicates that he attended Bullworth and either dropped out or was expelled. Regardless of which it was, he maintains a ferocious grudge against Bullworth Academy and everyone in it. However, his biggest grudge is reserved for the Greasers.

Even after the Townies accept Jimmy, Otto maintains somewhat of a grudge against Jimmy for attending Bullworth. He frequently calls other people 'kid'. This may indicate that he's older than his size would indicate, but may just be something he says because he feels he's more mature than schoolkids, having dropped out of school himself.

Otto is aggressive and seems to be somewhat psychopathic as shown when fighting, he yells “Die!” At his opponent, and say he will rip their head off. He claims to have once thrown garbage over the school gates, he also claims that he steals cigarettes.


Otto as an asylum patient.

He is also somehow enrolled in Happy Volts Asylum. He can't be found there in free roam, but can during the missions Galloway Away and Finding Johnny Vincent.

When knocked out, Otto is alleged to say "Fuck my life". By the time the speech data files were cracked the quote had been removed from the game entirely because it would hurt the game's T rating with strong language. It is presumed that Otto says this only in older copies of Bully, that the quote was left in the game as an oversight and quietly removed when Rockstar became aware of it.

Role in game[]

Otto assigns Jimmy four errands, which are throwing water balloons, smashing a car, tag Greaser insults, and egg the Greasers.

He has several cutscene appearances. In Townie Challenge, in it, he tells Jimmy to stop talking and fight. He appears as an asylum inmate in Galloway Away, where he tells Jimmy not to "anger the Watcher", as well as in the errand Crazy Farm, in which Jimmy has to fetch him and Clint back to the Asylum.