Bully Wiki
Clique Carnival Folk
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Gaylord Rice

Paris is The Fat, Ugly Bearded Woman of the Carnival Freak Show, and is the second freak after The Skeleton Man. She was voiced by Gaylord Rice.

Character description[]

Paris is a morbidly obese, bearded woman. She wears a purple sleeveless tee and black shorts, occasionally wearing a purple-red bikini instead. She can be found in the second room in the Freak Show, binging on nachos and commenting on the television programs and commercials.


Paris spends most of her time watching TV, and her dialogue mostly comprises her comments about TV shows and ads. She hates reality TV, although she also loves it because "it makes her feel good about herself".

In the comic book, the two midget wrestlers discuss fighting to the death for her hand in marriage. She isn't too happy about this, and asks if she can just choose one man instead.

In-game role[]

Jimmy has to take a picture of her in Photography 5.