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Penalty Shots is a minigame available on campus at Bullworth Academy. Jimmy can wager money on the outcome.

The game involves Constantinos Brakus standing in front of a brick wall marked with the rough shape of a soccer goal. Jimmy must kick the soccer ball at Constantinos to try and knock him out.


Penalty Shots is available in front of the pool before school, during lunch break, and after classes. It stops being available after 7:00pm


Jimmy has five shots with which to knock out Constantinos.

A cursor shaped like a button on the controller flies around the screen. The player has some control over it, but the button is in constant motion. When the button is pressed, the cursor disappears and Jimmy shoots the ball exactly where the cursor was.

Constantinos runs back and forth in front of the wall, regularly stopping to pose and taunt Jimmy. When Jimmy shoots, he flinches. The shot does more damage depending on how squarely it hits, and where it hits.


Jimmy may wager anything between $1 and $20. If he succeeds, he gets the amount he wagered; if he loses, he loses that same amount.