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The Photo Album is an album where Jimmy Hopkins can store pictures taken with his camera.


The purpose of the photo album is the player's decision. Some use it to store funny moments or things that have happened to them or glitches they might've seen. Mostly it consists of whatever the player would like to keep.

How to store photographs[]

To store a photograph in the photo album, the player should first scroll through the weapon wheel to the camera. When they take a picture, the game will show them the photograph full screen, and it should say in a corner which button to press to save it.


  • If a player has more than one save file, the photographs will all be the same in each photo album. Deleting a photograph on 1 file will delete the same photograph on all other files.
  • When Jimmy initially obtains the photo album, it first has a postcard from his Mom with her and her husband on their cruise ship for their honeymoon. If the player deletes it, it will be impossible to get it back on the same memory card.
  • Jimmy will not receive the postcard on the Wii version of Scholarship Edition, but he will in all other versions.