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The Radar HUD

The Radar is an item on the HUD in Bully.


The Radar is a revolving mini-map of sorts. It displays blips for certain "landmarks" like save-points or Jimmy's location. Unlike the map, the radar is capable of displaying the interior layout of any building, should Jimmy be in one. As per Rockstar tradition, a small black circle with a N in it points to the north wherever Jimmy is. Excluding mission markers, all Interest points will not be displayed in the radar unless Jimmy is near them. The radar can come in handy in some missions like Funhouse Fun where the interior layout can be clearly seen. Ringing around the radar is the Health Bar and Trouble Meter.

Vision Radius[]

The ray is known as the vision radius and will appear in 3 different colors: green, yellow and red. The color shown depends on the severeness of the trouble Jimmy is causing. The green radius signifies an authority figure is on the lookout. The yellow ray indicates that an authority figure has been alarmed by Jimmy's mischief and will be extra careful. Red appears when Jimmy have been spotted by one of them and when it happens, they give chase. Jimmy is likely to escape when he is not in their vision radius and the trouble meter will deplete soon after.

Points of Interest[]

This list is incomplete

  • Yellow Star: Missions
  • Red Star: Clique Challenges
  • Yellow "H": Hobo's training missions
  • Book: Save Points
  • Lock: Bike Garages
  • Black and Yellow "B": Bus stops
  • Green $: Jobs (Lawn Mowing or Paper Route)
  • Shopping trolley: Yum Yum Market
  • Blue T-Shirt: Clothing Stores
  • Bike Wheel: Bike Stores
  • Barber Pole: Barber Stores
  • Trailer: Tattoo Parlor
  • Bell (Orange): Class (Not Yet Completed)
  • Bell (Grey): Class (Already Completed)


  • Red Dot: Authority Figures / Enemy
  • Cyan Dot: Side characters in missions, who don't act as bodyguard, and cannot be attacked
  • Blue Dot: Friend / Bodyguard
  • Yellow Square / Triangle / Downward Triangle/Yellow X: Place to go when on mission (Depends on the player's position)
  • Yellow X: Objects to pick up / destroy when on mission. Also indicates Checkpoints during Races
  • Blue X: Errands, objectives to complete during errands
  • Yellow/Red Triangle From Red Dots: Sight line or vision radius of authority figures only when Jimmy has a filled trouble meter.