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"Help, rats are falling from the sky!"
Fatty Johnson

Rats are common rats of an indeterminate species. They appear in various places in Bully. They can be found in the Boys' Dorm and the Parking Lot at night, inside the school's boiler room, and in the residential section of Blue Skies Industrial Park; in other words, the more run-down areas of Bullworth.

Rats can't attack, they just run around in random patterns squeaking. Jimmy can kill rats with his slingshot or a similar weapon. Surprisingly, Stink Bombs kill rats. Jimmy can pick up a dead rat and throw it. If it's thrown at a person it does minimal damage and it's considered as violence. However, if it's thrown in front of them they'll comment on the rat and run away from it. Strangely, throwing a rat will only give the "Using Prank" violation once it despawns, if Jimmy doesn't pick it up again.

Rats feature prominently in the mission Rats in the Library, where the Townies have filled book crates full of rats and sent them to the library, whereupon the rats escaped and scared the Nerds and the Librarian. There are also a pair of errands where Jimmy is asked to kill rats. One of these is at the Tenements in New Coventry, the other is at the docks in Blue Skies. If the rats at the docks run into the water, they immediately drown.

Jimmy must dissect a rat in Biology 2.

In Anniversary Edition, live rats are absent in free roam; they’re only seen in Rats in the Library mission and two errands. Also, sometimes students may throw a dead rat as a prank.


George is a pet rat owned by Bucky. He goes missing early in the year near the cafeteria, and Bucky puts up a bulletin about it. George himself never makes an appearance. It is slightly hinted that he was put into the food by Edna.


If a rat is thrown at Algie, he wonders out loud if it was "Sniffy". Presumably Sniffy was a lab rat that Algie knew, since Algie mentions during Rats in the Library that he does not want a pet rat.