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Ray Hughes
Clique None
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor John Walker
"I like to buy stuff for people so they will like me."
— Ray

Ray Hughes is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by John Walker.

Character description[]

Ray is significantly overweight and has a light brown buzzcut. He wears a dark teal school sweater vest over a white shirt and brown slacks. In the winter, he wears a dark teal long sleeve sweater and wears pink earmuffs over his ears. He has a very nasal voice without any particular accent.


Ray was the newest student at the school before Jimmy arrived. He's friendly, but naive and awkward. He often mentions his troubles making friends and his lack of friends. He even admits that he tries to buy things for people to get them to like him, and seems oblivious to the fact that this rarely works. He feels very disillusioned towards Bullworth Academy, in that he'd hoped to make a lot of friends and enjoy himself there, but instead found the school to be full of jerks and bullies. He seems to be very sheltered, often asking people if they've done relatively mundane things such as go to a comic book store or library. The only thing mentioned about his home life is that his mother didn't let him watch R-rated movies or eat sugar, which further implies that he was excessively sheltered. He enjoys reading books, referencing such books as Watership Down and Moby Dick, and claims he sometimes wishes he could stay in bed and read all day. He's also a very faithful student and claims he's never missed a day of school.

Ray has a wild imagination. He spends a lot of time reading and sometimes talks out things he has either read about or imagined, such as he claiming to be an undercover cop trying to bust underage drinking parties. He also references Wolverine when fighting. One of his chatter dialogue lines is "They say that kids imitate characters from video games, but I have yet to become a mustached plumber!". This is a reference to Mario, and possibly to some of the criticism that Bully received pre-release.

He also has a fear of rats. He's one of the few overweight non-nerd kids in the game, the others being Eunice and Hal. He's rigged to the same 'fat' skeleton that Algie, Melvin and Fatty are, and so he'll wet himself if physically bullied. He's also the worst male fighter in the entire school, and his fighting style consists only of shoves, although the shoves are powerful enough to deal damage through a block.

Role in game[]

Ray has no individual role in the game aside from being the only boy who can be seen holding hands with Eunice.

Deleted content[]

At one point in development, Ray had a small role in Last Minute Shopping. He, Davis and Christy were standing in line at the Cafeteria, waiting impatiently for food.


  • One of Ray's quotes for starting a fight, Ray_FIGHI_v3, is "Shnikit! Let's go, Bub!" 'Shnikit' is a stand-in for the sound effect of Wolverine unsheathing his claws. The sound effect used in Marvel Comics is 'snikt', but as Marvel has 'snikt' copyrighted, Bully couldn't use it.