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Safehouses are locations in Bully where Jimmy can sleep, hide from authority figures such as Prefects or Police, save the game, and change his clothes.

Information and Locations[]

There are 6 safehouses scattered all over Bullworth that Jimmy can use. There is at least one safe house per each part of Bullworth.

The safehouses (with the exception of the one in the Boys' Dorm) are all unlocked by completing that particular Clique's Challenge Mission. Each Clique apart from the Bullies have a challenge, which when completed unlocks a safehouse in that Clique's main location.

The safehouses each have a save book and a bed to sleep in. There is also a save book in the principal's office, despite it not being a safehouse. Each safehouse also has a dresser for Jimmy to change clothes in. The locker in the Jocks Clubhouse is glitched and unusable in Bully and Bully: Scholarship Edition, but was repaired in Bully: Anniversary Edition. Prefects and Police cannot follow Jimmy into a safehouse. However, they may chase him or other students in there, only to be nowhere to be found once inside. Townsfolk and other students cannot follow Jimmy into safehouses unless he pays them to follow him.


  • If Jimmy attacks an adult by the Townies Hideout and goes in there, the adult will follow him in there.
  • The Dragon's Wing Comics safehouse is the only one that Jimmy shares with its owners instead of having it all to himself.
  • The Jocks Clubhouse is the only Safehouse without an arcade machine. Although technically there isn't an arcade machine in Jimmy's Room, there is one in the Boy's Dorm opposite his room.