Save Algie
Chapter Chapter 1
Storyline Yes
Location Library
Destination Boys' Bathroom
School Hallway
Patron Algernon Papadopoulos
Type Escort
Cash $5.00
Respect -10 Bullies
+5 Nerds
Mission That Bitch
Defend Bucky

Save Algie is a storyline mission in Chapter 1.

The Mission Edit


Jimmy is walking in the library when he is stopped by Algie.

Algie explains to Jimmy that he has some library books that need to be returned, but he's scared to go to his locker to get them because of the Bullies. He asks Jimmy to pretend to be his friend and walk with him. Jimmy initially has no interest, but when Algie offers to pay, he agrees to do so. Algie's offer is $2, but Jimmy basically extorts the payment up to $5.


Outside the library, Algie will be attacked almost immediately by some Bullies lead by Davis. Jimmy has to beat them up. Once that is done, Algie is overcome with the need to go to the bathroom. There is a time limit within which Jimmy has to get Algie to the bathroom and if Algie pees his pants the mission is failed.

Jimmy leads him inside the school and takes him to the boys' bathroom on the second floor. Trent and Troy are loitering in the first floor boys' bathroom and will remind Algie that he isn't allowed to use that one. Jimmy can knock them out and let Algie in, but he refuses to use the stall, claiming there is no lock and that he consequently does not feel secure. If Jimmy tries to take Algie into one of the girls' bathrooms, he freaks out.

Once they're at the second floor bathroom, they startle Pedro and Eunice, who for reasons best not speculated on were in a bathroom stall together. Algie runs into the now vacant stall, but before he can get started, the Bullies attack again. Their presence makes Algie too afraid to do his business, and Jimmy has to fight them off.

Once they're beaten and Algie is finished going to the bathroom and washing his hands afterwards (just like his mommy told him to), Jimmy leads him to his locker. Grateful, Algie hands over the money.


  • If Davis is not knocked out when he attacks Jimmy and Algie he will run away and then come back with Troy and Wade .
  • If you enter the school during class time, closing hours or curfew, a prefect will run into the bathroom and attempt to bust Algie. You can get rid of the prefect by taunting him and running to hide in a bin. He will then leave Algie alone.
  • Algie can only be taken to the boys' bathroom on the top floor. He will refuse to use any of the girls' bathrooms and will also refuse to use the boys' bathroom on the ground floor, as it has no lock.
  • The attack of the bullies cannot be avoided. Whether Jimmy chooses to go left or right, there will always be bullies waiting for Algie.

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