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The School Parking Lot is the parking lot on campus at Bullworth Academy.

Location and Information[]

It is located between the Girls' Dorm and Auto Repair Shop on campus.

There is a designated parking space for Dr. Crabblesnitch but strangely no cars are ever parked here during lesson time, barring the time Jimmy follows Mr Hattrick to his home.

It serves as the main hangout for the Bullies. Any other students like the Non-Clique Students and Nerds are normally chased away, beaten, or bullied if they go on the parking lot.

The Bullies' leader Russell Northrop can be found here outside of class time, and is always willing to be hired as backup when found.

Its most notable feature is the broken-down school bus, which is the entrance to where The Hobo lives. The sign-up spot for the final bike race can also be found here. Additionally, the parking lot is the location of the school's bike garage for Jimmy's bikes.

In Chapter 3, Jimmy will do detention duties here by shoveling snow. After detention is finished, 3 cars will be parked in various places in the lot. This is one of the only instances in which cars are actually found here.

The Hobo lives in the area behind the school bus, and is encountered there during the six A Little Help missions. After the Hobo disappears from this area, following the sixth mission, a glowing light can be seen from the area until Jimmy goes to sleep or passes out at 2am. This area can be entered in free roam by using a bicycle to jump the fence.