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Seth Kolbe
Clique Prefects
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions That Bitch
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Uncredited
"Maybe I should abuse my authority, and pick on someone innocent!"
— Seth

Seth Kolbe is a character in Bully, and is a Prefect at Bullworth Academy. His voice actor is unknown, as he was not credited.

Character description[]

Seth is the biggest prefect. He has blue eyes and a light brown buzzcut. He wears the same navy blue suit that the other prefects do, but his suit doesn't have elbow pads. In the winter time, Seth wears the same long wool jacket that the other Prefects do, but he wears his open. He wears the standard blue Bullworth sweater vest and tie under it. Seth speaks most of the time with an angry voice.

An early version of the character was posted on Tyler Wilson's website. This Seth was overweight but massively muscular. He wore several rings on his fingers and had prominent muttonchop sideburns.


All four of the prefects are corrupt to some extent, but Seth is by far the worst of the four. He is blatantly both corrupt and sadistic and views his job not as a method of enforcing the rules, but an excuse to beat people, even over the smallest things. Indeed, nearly everything he says involves either wanting or intending to beat someone, and he expresses pleasure when someone finally slips up and gives him an excuse to do so. He frequently considers abusing his authority by picking on someone innocent.

A possible explanation for his attitude is anger management problems; his dialogue implies that he received anger management counseling at some point, but he prefers to deal with his feelings by beating people up. He has only contempt for the other students; he constantly refers to them, and Jimmy in particular, as "maggots" and "evildoers".

Apparently, Jimmy is his favorite “evildoer”: When busting him, Seth expresses that he “really loves trashing him”, and might also say ”This morning, I woke up and said, I’m going to pummel Hopkins today!”. When saying these lines, he sounds satisfied and happier than usual. It’s unknown why Seth takes greater pleasure at busting Jimmy than other students, but it might be due to how notorious he is for his history of misbehavior.

As Seth is in charge of supervising students on detention, tougher than the other prefects, able to dodge bottle rockets, and has the biggest role of the Prefects, he is generally thought to be the head prefect. The data files on Bully indicate that Karl Branting is actually the leader and that Seth is a "helper", however, the data files are known to not be fully accurate.

Role in game[]

Seth has the largest role of any prefect in the game. He serves as the "Punishment Prefect" who supervises students on detention. He taunts Jimmy during the detention.

He has a small appearance during the mission That Bitch, when Pinky complains to him about Jimmy entering the girls' locker room and he investigates.

During the Complete Mayhem mission, Jimmy has just entered Bullworth Academy when Seth, accompanied by Max, tackles Jimmy and takes his slingshot. Before he can do anything else, he and Max are chased off by an angry Russell. As Jimmy regains his slingshot after the mission is ended, presumably Russell caught them and took it back, then returned it to Jimmy.

Deleted content[]

Unused dialogue for Complete Mayhem indicates that originally, Seth’s role in the mission would be much larger. After Jimmy defeated all of the clique leaders, Seth would block the entrance for the main building, telling Jimmy that “Gary said you turned up” and that “there’s no way you’re getting in”. Ted then would join in with Jimmy and the duo would presumably beat Seth up. It’s unknown why this part was cut. A video about this cut content can be found here:  https://youtu.be/d63DJI-A-Jg (6:20)