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Teacher Neil
Day Available Day 3
(9am-11:30am) (Day 4 in Scholarship Edition/Anniversary Edition versions of the game)
Scholarship Only? No
Location Auto Repair Shop
Classmates Vance
Passing Grade Complete all QTEs (quick time events)

Shop is one of the minigame classes at Bullworth Academy that Jimmy attends. It is taught by Neil. Shop becomes available once Chapter 2 starts. Jimmy is relegated to working on bikes because, as Neil says, "Cars are for seniors. You gotta walk before you can run, boyo". The only other students that can be seen attending the class aside from Jimmy are Greasers.

The minigame involves tapping buttons and rotating the analogue stick on the controller in accordance with the direction given on the screen. As the difficulty of the minigame increases, more buttons and stick actions are added, and the number of given directions is increased. Passing levels of Shop unlocks successively better BMX Bikes.

Scholarship Edition changes[]

In Shop Class, rather than working on a generic red bike, Jimmy can be seen working on the Red BMX that he will earn on completing Shop 5.


Class Reward
Shop 1 Blue and yellow (Basic) BMX is available from the garage
Shop 2 Yellow BMX replaces blue and yellow BMX
Shop 3 Green BMX replaces Yellow BMX
Shop 4 Blue and white BMX replaces Green BMX
Shop 5 Red BMX replaces Blue and white BMX

BMX frame in Dorm Room near wardrobe


Video Walkthrough[]


Shop Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition