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The Shopkeepers are a group of adults who run the various shops in Old Bullworth Vale, Bullworth Town, and New Coventry.

List of Shopkeepers[]

Clothing and barbers[]


General store[]

  • Mr. Oh: Runs the Yum Yum Market branches in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town.
  • Stan: Runs the New Coventry branch of Yum Yum Market.


Deleted shopkeepers[]

  • Denny was not deleted from the game, but was originally planned to be a shopkeeper, possibly the tattoo parlor in Blue Skies Industrial Park, before being changed into Townsfolk.
  • Floyd worked at a record store.
  • Ian worked at a store of unknown type. He mentions selling firecrackers in his dialogue.
  • Nate worked at a firecracker store.

Game mechanics[]

Unlike other NPCs in the game, Jimmy cannot interact with the shopkeepers. Jumping on them will cause them to perform a citizen's arrest or attack, and hitting/shoving a customer or themselves will cause them to eject him. He can interact with them if they are added to free roam via a hex editor.