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"Ah... ah... oh man, gotta lay off the herb... ah... ah..."
— Stan when out of breath

Stan is a character in Bully. He was voiced by Jon Young.

Character Description[]

Stan is somewhat thin, with thick black hair and a handlebar mustache. He wears a green grocer's smock over his clothing.


Stan is the shopkeeper at the Yum Yum Market's branch in New Coventry. He is the only shopkeeper other than Mr. Oh to work at the store. Stan uses marijuana heavily and is implied to be under the influence when he's working. He has a slow, somewhat lazy voice, calls people "man" and "dude" a lot, and directly mentions usage when out of breath. While he is very laid-back most of the time, he can become abruptly enraged when provoked.

Role in game[]

During the mission Tagging, Jimmy is prompted to buy spraypaint from the New Coventry Yum Yum location, and if he does he will meet Stan. However, there are other ways to obtain spray-paint for that step of the mission. In theory, Jimmy could go through the whole game without ever entering his shop and meeting him.

Aside from running the store, Stan plays no role in the storyline.