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Jimmy's Stepfather Face
Gender Male
Family Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy's mom
Kissable No
Voice Actor Michael Cullen
"Have fun, Jimmy. I'll think of you from our cruise ship."
— Stepfather

Jimmy's Stepfather is the fifth and current husband of Jimmy Hopkins's mother. He was voiced by Michael Cullen.

Character description[]

Jimmy's stepfather wears a green suit jacket over a white shirt and is balding, with dark gray hair. He appears to be late middle age, although Jimmy goes so far as to accuse him of being twice as old as his grandfather. Jimmy also falsely accuses him of being fat. Because he's sitting in a car during his only appearance his lower body is never seen.

On the postcard he and Jimmy's mom send from the cruise ship, he is depicted wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt over an off-white undershirt, with greenish-beige khaki shorts.


Jimmy's Stepfather

The stepfather's actual name is never revealed. He is a wealthy person and apparently selected Jimmy's mother as a trophy wife. It is his money that pays for Jimmy's tuition at Bullworth Academy.

What little personality he has seems to be rather nasty. He addresses Jimmy by his proper name, James. At one point he threatens to beat Jimmy - despite clearly being unable to carry the threat out himself - and mocks him as he drops him off at the Bullworth Academy gates. However, Jimmy is equally nasty to him, insulting his age, appearance and weight, and calling him a stranger. It is also implied during their dialogue that he and Jimmy's mother hadn't known each other for very long before deciding to get married, which is part of why Jimmy resents him so much.

After being dumped in front of the gate, Jimmy bemoans his mother's marriage to "that phony", a reference to the protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield.

Role in game[]

Jimmy's stepfather appears in the only opening, driving him to the Academy, after which he disappears for his year-long honeymoon with his wife.

Only on the original edition of Bully and the Xbox 360 version of Scholarship Edition, he and Jimmy's mom send Jimmy a postcard from their cruise ship. The postcard is displayed in Jimmy's photo album, but the player can choose to delete it to make room for more pictures.