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Jimmy swimming

Jimmy, swimming around Old Bullworth Vale beach

Swimming is a mechanic in Bully, designed to allow Jimmy to navigate bodies of water in Bullworth.

Similar to the mechanic of walking, Jimmy can vary his swimming speed - notably done by changing from a breast-stroke done at a walking pace to the freestyle done at sprinting pace.

In the game, Jimmy is required to swim for four different errands - beating Justin Vandervelde's swimming record, collecting crabs for Mr. Martin, exploring the "last island", and exploring the ship wreck for Pedro De La Hoya. To obtain the bonus Pirate hat, Jimmy will have to swim to an island in the ocean inlet and knock out Vance Medici, who will be in his Halloween costume.

If pedestrians are grappled and thrown into water, they will swim back to shore. However, players have reported seeing the AI of these pedestrians malfunctioning, causing them to swim around in circles.