"Father says leadership is about looking after those you lead. He taught me that right before he laid everyone off."
Derby Harrington
Chapter 3
Storyline Yes
Location Harrington House
Patron Derby Harrington
Cash Depends on the player,
each rooftop spray worth $100
(The maximum reward
of this mission is $420)
Respect -25 Greasers
+5 Preppies
Technique Spraypaint
Mission Lola's Race*
Greaser Challenge

Tagging is a storyline mission in Chapter 3.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy walks into Harrington House to see Derby talking with Chad and Parker. Apparently the Greasers have been continuing to harass Gord over his dalliance with Lola. Jimmy thinks that Gord asked for it. Parker expresses disappointment in Jimmy, and then Derby manipulates Jimmy into performing a revenge hit against the Greasers by reminding him that he's the boss.


Jimmy first heads to the underpass separating Bullworth Town and New Coventry, where he spraypaints "Jimmy wuz here". He then heads to the nearby Yum Yum Market to buy some more spraypaint, and finally heads to New Coventry. Once there he has to place five different tags. On doing so he wins the mission.

The mission concludes with a cutscene with Hal and Lefty glowering at Jimmy's "Jimmy wuz here" graffiti. Hal proclaims that "someone's going to get their freaking lights knocked out," and Lefty wonders how anyone can call graffiti art.


Both this mission and Wrong Part of Town must be completed in order to unlock Lola's Race.


  • While most spraypainted tags disappear quickly, the "Jimmy wuz Here" tag remains for the rest of the game.
  • The reward can be different by player's decision to spray rooftops or not. (Each rooftop tag worth $100 while ground tag worth $5)
  • Some ghost taggers might be encountered in the mission that won't let you lay a tag on the target.
  • If the player sprays the four rooftop tags, and then sprays the tag in the alley seen in Wrong Part of Town, the reward is $420 for the mission.
  • Oddly, if Derby's sweater is closely examined in the Scholarship Edition, he has two overlapping Bullworth Academy crests on it. This was corrected on Xbox 360.
  • The dialogue captions for this mission have an error in Hal's line, writing it as getting their 'legs knocked out' rather than their lights knocked out.

Video WalkthroughsEdit

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