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Tattoos are a visual accessory the player can purchase for Jimmy.

Tattoos can be purchased from a trailer in Blue Skies Industrial Park, meaning that Jimmy can't get a tattoo until Chapter 5. They don't have much impact on gameplay, but other characters will comment on them. The only cliques with a positive opinion on tattoos are the Bullies, Greasers, and Townies, the other cliques will insult them. Tattoos are considered a break of school dress code, so sometimes, prefects will yell at Jimmy for having one.

The tattoos are permanent so once Jimmy has purchased a tattoo, it cannot be removed. Jimmy can purchase all tattoos.

Left Arm[]

Flag $10.00
Dagger $10.00
Fish $10.00
Love and Hate $10.00
Tall Ship $10.00
Stitches $10.00
Skull $10.00

Right arm[]

Arm Band $10.00
Cards $10.00
Barbed Wire $10.00
Serpent $10.00
Mermaid $10.00
Star $10.00
Swallow $10.00