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This article features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. This feature is not available on the original version of the game.
"Don't tell anyone about this... unless they'll get me bikes too."
The Collector
Chapter 5
Storyline No
Time 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Location Clint's house
Given by Clint
Cash $50
Mission None

The Collector is a non-storyline mission that occurs only in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition.

The Mission[]


As Jimmy is walking in the residential area of Blue Skies, Clint (aka Henry) pushes him down from behind. Clint seems to be as unbalanced as usual. He hits himself in the nose to "make it even" between them, and talks about how he headbutted his shrink. Jimmy assures him that they're friends, and Clint sends him after a bike. "Either a bike or a fight."


Steal bikes for Clint.

People with bikes will be marked on the radar with yellow X's. Jimmy will get a full yellow trouble meter for stealing a bike from one of the Townies, and a full red meter for stealing one from an adult. People, both students and adults, will get off their bikes and chase Jimmy if he jumps at them; he can then take the bike without the game counting it as stealing. Once he has a bike, he has to take it back to Clint.

Clint's house is the first house on the right on the road that leads south from New Coventry to Blue Skies. There is a small garage on the house; Jimmy must put the stolen bike in there.

Once he's stolen 3 bikes, the mission is over, and Clint pays him.


  • The part of the opening cutscene where Clint pushes Jimmy down from behind was on the Christmas at Bullworth trailer, however, the trailer cutscene took place in New Coventry in the wintertime.
  • Judging by the dialogue in this mission, it was originally supposed to occur chronologically after Mailbox Armageddon. However, this mission become available earlier and therefore can be completed first.
  • Clint has different dialogue lines after each bike Jimmy brought to him, however it is randomly selected and sometimes causes logical error. For example, he could say "Alright kid, now get lost", which is supposed for the last bike first, or "Get me another one" after the last bike stored.
  • Originally in Bully, this mission was going to take place in New Coventry during Chapter 3. This mission however, was removed from the actual game. In Bully: Scholarship Edition this mission was readded, but took place in Blue Skies Industrial Park and in Chapter 5. The soundtrack for the removed part of the mission can still be found in the data files of the game. However, when the mission was readded, the introductory cutscene wasn't changed, as it still takes place in New Coventry. After the cutscene, Jimmy is once again within the Blue Skies Industrial Park area but this bug was fixed in the wii version and originally the x360 and pc versions don't have this problem but x360&pc versions were based on a wii prototype or build

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